Policy of the 61st board of W.S.G. Isaac Newton


I. Expanding and updating the digital services of  W.S.G. Isaac Newton 

One year ago W.S.G. Isaac Newton got a new website, the 61st board will continue this trend of digitalization. Most of this site has been translated to English, but some parts, such as the committee pages and the company profiles are still in Dutch. These parts, except for the company profiles will be translated to English as well. The company profiles will be translated in consultation with the companies and organised into the different business sectors to give a better overview. Also an app will be made where people can get push notifications for the kind of activities they like to attend. Furthermore, the screen above the elevator will be fixed and be held up to date.

II. Increasing the involvement with W.S.G. Isaac Newton

The pre-master and master students make up a significant amount of the members of our study. Therefore it remains vital to keep them included in the association and to bring new (pre-)master students into the association. The pre-masters especially are an interesting group. They often have very little idea of what a study association is and what W.S.G. Isaac Newton has to offer. The board will put effort in attracting more (pre-)master students during the Kick-in. The app that will be developed will also help to increase the attendance of W.S.G. Isaac Newton activities. Other groups that can be included more into the association are the faculty staff. Now, only once a year a lunch is organised for these people. Next year, the board will invite the staff to join a W.S.G. Isaac Newton drink once a module. The board will also include international students more, in the activities as well as in the daily business.

III. Organising a big activity

The 61st board will organise a big activity, with the intention of getting the members of our student association closer together and having fun. The nature of the activity will be decided later this year. While organising this activity, the board will look into the possibilities of working together with other study associations or inviting them to paticipate.

Policy points

1. General affairs 

1.1. The board will maintain the available facilities of the study association and replace them when necessary.
   1.1.1. The board will maintain the CAD and give the members of W.S.G. Isaac Newton the possibility to work here. The board will replace and complement tools and procure standard materials in the CAD when necessary. Four times per year, the board will organize a moment to tidy and clean up the CAD.
1.2. The board will promote members to make new coffee.
1.3. The board will arrange at least 2 sets of W.S.G. Isaac Newton merchandise, once with winter related attire, and once with summer specific items.
   1.3.1. The board will check members’ interests in merchandise on the website.
   1.3.2. The board will make it possible to buy merchandise on the website.
1.4. The board will keep the Newton room open during lecture weeks, and where possible outside of these periods.
1.5. A plate of honour will be placed in the Newton room for the honorary members.
1.6. During W.S.G Isaac Newton events as many board members as possible, and at least one, will be present.
   1.6.1. If the event is a collaboration with another board, the W.S.G. Isaac Newton board will promote the other board to come with as many board members as possible too.
1.7. The board will organise a cantus.
1.8. The board will inform students about the option to sell their used books back to study store. 

2. External affairs

2.1. The board will supervise the use of the CRM system by the IC-tour, Eurotour, CoLeXie and the Symposium committee.
   2.1.1. The board will optimise the use of the CRM system for both the board and the committees.
2.2. The board will organize a lunch lecture every regular lecture week, with the exception of the exam weeks.
2.3. The association booklet will be handed out to companies.
2.4. The contact with Principia will be maintained.
   2.4.1. The board will assist Principia in organizing the shadowing days.
   2.4.2. The board will join the meetings of Principia.
   2.4.3. In collaboration with Principia, a case will be organised. The winning group will be awarded the Principia award.
2.5. The advertorials in “De Appel” will be promoted at companies and there will be a clear guideline for companies to ensure a substantive and interesting story.
2.6. The board will maintain good contact with the sister associations and promote knowledge transfer by being present at the WedT consultations and the constitution drinks.
2.7. The board will expand the number of sectors in which partners find themselves in order to give the students a broader picture of their possibilities for internships, graduation places and work after the study.

3. Internal affairs

3.1. The board will involve as many association members as possible, and give them a chance to develop their personal skills.
   3.1.1. During the third and the first quartile the board will arrange coffee dates with the first year students, to give them some insight in what W.S.G. Isaac Newton has to offer them. During this meeting the board will assess whether there are questions or complaints regarding education.
   3.1.2. In the first month of the first quartile, two activities will be organized in order to improve the involvement of the first year students. These activities will be organised by the AXI and the first-year-AXI.
3.2. The board will support the committees.
   3.2.1. The board will appoint at least one representative of the board to each committee.
   3.2.2. After the Symposium, IC-tour and Eurotour committees are set up, they have to hand in a founded function division to the board. Based on this division a suitable division will be made in collaboration with the board.
   3.2.3. The chairman, treasurer and commissioner of external affairs of a committee will be trained by the board. The treasurer will be trained by the commissioner committee finances, the other two will be trained by the board member with the corresponding function. The board will train the treasurers and commissioners of external affairs of the Symposium, the IC-tour and the Eurotour committee, to work respectively with the accountancy and the CRM system.
   3.2.4. The board will organise a general treasurer meeting at least four times per year, so the treasurers can teach each other. Preferably this will take place at the same time as the checking of the budget of other committees.
   3.2.5. When a committee is done, the board will check the budget of the committee and will pass on any remarks to the treasurer of the committee.
   3.2.6. For newly formed committees,the board will, if relevant, arrange a meeting with ex-committee members soon after the committee is set up. This meeting is meant for questions the new committee members have for the ex-committee members.
   3.2.7. To show their gratitude to a finished committee, the board will personally thank that committee when it has ended, by handing the members of the committee a handwritten thank-you card.
   3.2.8. Twice per year a committee interest market will be organised. Prior to the market there will be a general presentation of each committee present at the market. An estimate of the time the committee consumes will be presented.
   3.2.9. The board will pay attention to the progress of the first year construction committee(s), and if necessary promote the progress. The board will critically assess the attainability of projects the first year construction committees come up with, and redirect the project when needed. The board will be present at at least two construction moments of the First year construction committee. The board will stimulate the First-year-construction committee(s) to finish their project before the end of the academic year. The final result of a first year construction committee will be presented during drink.
   3.2.10. Committees will be assessed by another board member than the assigned representative. Finished committees will be assessed after their term. Continuous committees will be assessed sometime during the year.
   3.2.11. The committees will be run through theirs scripts by the assigned board representative. This to prohibit recurring mistakes being made. Scripts will be updated during and according to the assessment of the committees. The board will facilitate access to the relevant scripts for the committees, by putting them on the FTP. Board members as well as committe members are entitled to make changes to the scripts.
   3.2.12. The board will arrange activities to get to know the committee members better. At least two and favourably more board members will be present at such activities. In consultation with the committee members, ex-committee members can be invited to such activities too.
   3.2.13. The board will assist the AmbiCie in involving more (pre-) masters with the association. During the summer and winter master Kick-in, the Board will provide the participants with a program to introduce them to the association, in consultation with the AmbiCie.
3.3. During the year, the board and the committees will organise several excursions and courses.
   3.3.1. The CoLeXie will organise at least 10 excursions, in association with the board. When possible, these will be kept free of charge.
   3.3.2. The board will organise at least 6 courses a year.
   3.3.3. The board will maintain the career-oriented aspect of the courses and excursions, in order to attract both bachelor and master students.
   3.3.4. The board will attract as many members as possible to activities, courses and excursions.
3.4. The board will inform the members about the upcoming activities.
   3.4.1. The activities will be presented on the 4k-screen in the Newton room, and on the day of the activity, it will be displayed on the led matrix as well. When relevant, activities will be shown on the led matrix for a longer period.
   3.4.2. The upcoming activities will be printed at the bottom of the daily puzzles.
   3.4.3. At the end of every month, with the exception of the summer holidays, an association e-mail will be sent to all members. This e-mail contains an accessible overview of the upcoming activities and can also be used for announcements of committees and other important matters.
   3.4.4. The board will promote the use of the google activity calendar, and keep it up to date.
   3.4.5. The board will keep the activities displayed on the TV above the elevators in the Horsttoren up to date
   3.4.6. Special drinks, such as the symposium theme announcement drink, will be promoted via social media and other platforms, such as the upcoming app. These drinks will be announced at least two weeks in advance.
3.5. The board will make sure activities are recorded by means of pictures. It is the board’s job to inform the photo committee about activities and their desired attendance.
   3.5.1. The pictures will be selected and edited. All the pictures will be placed on the website, and the best ones will be placed on facebook.
3.6. Ordering food during the drinks will be continued, in consultation with the BorrelCie. At least five orders will have to be placed before the food is ordered. During drinks, this option will be promoted.
3.7. The Utoberfest will be organised by a new committee, the UtoberCie.
3.8. The board will initiate a BrouwCie, a committee that brews beer for the association.
3.9. The board will initiate the RallyCie.
3.10. The Board will organize a Newtonsweater day.

4. Educational affairs

4.1. The board will closely monitor the quality of the education.
4.2. The board will clearly express, especially to first years, that students should tell them their complaints concerning education. This can, among other times, be done during the Kick-in and coffeedates.
4.3. The board will send an education e-mail to all the members, every quartile. The - will contain relevant information about the education.
4.4. The summaries of the evaluations of ME, for both the bachelor and master, and of SET will be uploaded on the site and published in “De Appel”.
4.5. The board will award the best teacher, elected by the members, with the education award.
4.6. During coffee dates and other informal encounters with members, the board will survey and document and feed this back to the education service centre for mechanical engineering.
4.7. The board will have a meeting per quartile with a sounding board group from every bachelor year. These meetings are meant to keep the board up to date with developments in the education.
   4.7.1. The board will sent a e-mail to the program director, study advisers and the bachelor coordinator about the results from the sounding board meetings.
4.8. Every module course specific study nights will be organised a week in advance of the exam weeks. At these night student assistents will be present.
4.9. The board will organise an evening to finish the project for every first years project. First years students can get dinner at the beginning of these evenings.
4.10. The board will upload exams and summaries on the site. There will be access for bachelor as well as master students.
   4.10.1. The first three persons who hand in the exam will receive a reward.
   4.10.2. The board will make sure that the handed exams will be uploaded on the site within a week.
4.11. The board will put effort in a right of say within different levels of the university. This is in order to provide input from W.S.G. Isaac Newton members in the policy from the university.
4.12. The board will carry out the view that right of say and active participation is very important within the university. If there are FC or UC elections, the board will announce this and stimulate to vote.
4.13. The board will promote how and when members can apply as a candidate for participation councils.
4.14. The board will aim to have an international student in every sounding board of the international bachelor year.
4.15. The board will promote to fill in the education surveys.
4.16. Important subjects from the education e-mail will be uploaded on the site.
4.17. The board will continue the W.S.G.Isaac Newton participation council.
   4.17.1. The council will provide a better collaboration between the FC, UC and OLC.
   4.17.2. Members of the FC, UC and OLC will be members of the council.
   4.17.3. The commissioner of educational affairs will lead the council.
   4.17.4. Every module there will be a meeting with the FC, UC and the OLC to discuss important subjects.
4.18. The board will organise a lunch in collaboration with the faculty to provide students with information about internships. 

5. Increasing the involvement with W.S.G. Isaac Newton

5.1. The board will stimulate the attendance of forreign students at W.S.G. Isaac Newton activities.
   5.1.1. The board will aim for a ratio of national and international bachelor students joining an activity, equal to the ratio of national and international W.S.G. isaac Newton bachelor members.
   5.1.2. The board will aim for a ratio of national and international master students joining a career oriented activity, equal to the ratio of national and international W.S.G. Isaac Newton master members.
5.2. The board will organise a lunch for the university employees in order to thank them for their services.
5.3. Once per module, university employees will be invited to a drink, to promote the informal contact between university employees and students.
5.4. In consultation with "De Appel" editorial, the board will ensure that there are as many English articles in "De Appel" as possible, with a minimum of one English article per edition.
5.5. During the third and the first quartile the board will arrange coffee dates with the pre-masters and the master students that arrived from another university, to give them some insight in what W.S.G. Isaac Newton has to offer them. Focus will in this case be placed on the career oriented activities and services.
5.6. The board will use the app to send members push notifications to promote activities.
5.7. In order to involve “disputen” and groups of friends with W.S.G. Isaac Newton, a drink will be set up dedicated to these “disputen” and groups of friends, which is accessible to all W.S.G. Isaac Newton members. The drink will have a competitive nature.

6. Expanding and updating the digital services of W.S.G Isaac Newton

6.1. The board will create an app supporting the website on mobile devices.
   6.1.1. The board will promote the use of the app to members.
   6.1.2. The board will use this app to promote its activities.
   6.1.3. The app will contain all functionalities from the site, as well as new modules.
6.2. The website will be fully translated to English, with the exception of the company profiles.
   6.2.1. The board will consult with the companies and give them the choice to keep their profile in Dutch or translate it to English as well.
6.3. The board will divide the companies on the site into sectors. This will be done to give a better overview of the different sectors. On the website tags and filters will be used to achieve this better overview.
6.4. The board will actively try to get the screen above the elevators repaired and will keep it up to date when it is repaired.