Policy of the 65th board of W.S.G. Isaac Newton


I. Improving sustainability 
Sustainability has been an important topic over the last decade. The board recognises the importance of
this topic and will look into making the association more sustainable. Compared to other associations
from the University of Twente, our association has some catching up to do. The board intends to
actively communicate with other associations, so that Newton can learn from their sustainability visions
and initiatives. Furthermore, to raise attention for sustainability the SymposiumCie will organise a
green symposium in collaboration with Principia. Additionally, the board will try to attract ‘green’
companies and will prioritise sustainability when setting up contracts with companies.

II. Improving member activism
The last few years, the member activism has decreased. Mainly, this is due to the fact that the last
two generations of students have started studying during the corona pandemic. Also, the increasing
number of international students who are, in general, less involved in the association play a role. To
increase the involvement of the international students the board will actively talk to this group and ask
about what their expectations and needs are from the association. The board will also invest more time
in the integration committee and encourage international students to join the committee to make sure
it better represents the different cultures and nationalities within the association. The board will also
pay more attention to the (pre-)masters and aims for a second activity not associated with a company
around February. The goal of this activity is to introduce the master students that joined that month
to the association. Furthermore, there will be more activities organised in collaboration with Principia
to connect the master students and alumni.

III. Organising a big event
Due to corona, many major activities and traditional celebrations have taken place on a smaller scale,
online or were cancelled altogether. To make up for these lost celebrations, the board will organise a big
event. The intention is to organise it during the summer at the end of the academic year, since corona
measurements are likely to be the least severe then. The activity intends to improve social cohesion
and lift the spirits of students. If possible the event will also be open for student of the University of
Twente that are not a member of the association.

Policy Issues

1. General affairs

1.1. The board will maintain the available facilities of the study association and replace them when
1.2. The board will renovate of the Newton room
1.2.1. The board will replace one of the old couches.
1.2.2. The board will replace the posters on the posterboard with a chalkboard agenda.
1.3. The board will arrange at least three sets of Newton merchandise.
1.4. To keep the CAD1 orderly, the board will organise at least two moments during the
year when the committees making use of the CAD will tidy it up together.
1.5. The board will make sure that there are clear instructions for making coffee next to
the coffee machine in order to promote making coffee amongst the members.
1.6. The board will keep the Newton room open during lecture days, exam days and when possible
outside of these periods.
1.7. During Newton events, as many board members as possible, and at least two, will be present.
If the event is organised in collaboration with another association, the board will encourage the
other board to be present with at least two board members as well. This is excluding activities
from our sister association of the VU2.
1.7.1. During activities organised by the First years AXI3 and IntegraCie at least three
board members will be present to get these two specific groups of students more
active within Newton.
1.8. The board will evaluate and update the assortment in the Newton food store.
1.9. The board will organise a Newton cantus, Newton Christmas dinner, green initiative,
ME versus ME, and a big activity.

2. Internal affairs

2.1. The board will involve as many association members as possible.
2.1.1. During the fourth and first quartile the board will arrange coffee dates with the first-year
students, to give them some insight into what Newton has to offer them.
2.1.2. In the first month of the first quartile, two activities will be organised in order to improve the
involvement of the first-year students. These activities will be organised by the AXI and the
2.1.3. In the first quartile a party will be organised by the First-years Party Committee, and a first
years weekend will be organised by the First-years Weekend committee.
2.1.4. The board will improve the involvement of the international students. In the first quartile the IntegraCie will organise an activity to involve more international
students. The board will evaluate what the desires and expectations of the international
students are with regard to Newton, with the aim to get them more involved.
This will be done by creating forms for the international students. These
will be used to set up sounding board meetings to discuss the points in more
2.1.5. During the first quartile of the academic year, a lunch lecture will be organised for the
pre-master students to give them insight into what Newton has to offer them. During this
lecture, questions, suggestions and complaints can be assessed by the board.
2.1.6. To involve ‘disputen’ and friend groups in the association, an activity will be arranged for
them, which will be accessible for all Newton members.
2.2. The board will support the committees.
2.2.1. The board will appoint one representative of the board to each committee. For the IC-Tour
committee this is increased to two.
2.2.2. Before the Kick-in, Symposium, and First years weekend a meeting will be
organised with all board members and committee members to give a briefing
about the event. That way it becomes clear what the committee expects from
the board during the activity.
2.2.3. After the Symposium, the IC-tour5, Eurotour6 and BeNeLux7 committees are set up, they
have to hand in a founded function division to the board. Based on this division, a suitable
decision will be made in collaboration with the board.
2.2.4. The chairman, treasurer, secretary and if necessary, the commissioner of external affairs of
a committee will be trained by the board. The treasurer will be trained by the commissioner
of committee finances, the secretary will be trained by the board representative, and
the other two will be trained by the board member with the corresponding function.
2.2.5. The board will organise a general treasurer meeting every module, so that their budgets can
be updated and evaluated. The commissioner of committee finances will regularly check the
committee treasurers’ work.
2.2.6. The board will facilitate access to the relevant scripts for the committees, by putting them
on the FTP8.
2.2.7. When a committee is finished, the board will check the budget of the committee and will pass
on any remarks to the treasurer of the committee.
2.2.8. After a committee is finished, there will be a meeting with the board representative.
During this meeting the activities of the committee are evaluated and the committee
files are updated. When a committee is finished the board representative will be assessed by
another board member.
2.2.9. To show gratitude for all the work done by the committees the following will be
done by the board; A thank-you lunch will be organised at the end of the committee. Continuous
committees will be thanked sometime during the year. All the active members are invited to the Active Members Activity, organised
by the board. Cards will be given to every active member by the board
2.2.10. A committee interest market will be organised at least twice per year.
2.2.11. The board will assist the first-year construction committee(s) in finding a suitable project, so
that they will be motivated until the realisation of the final product.
2.2.12. The board will support the different construction committees during the year; At least two board members will be present at one or more construction evenings. The board will organise at least one construction night where all the different construction
committees can work on their project. This night will be closed with some drinks.
2.2.13. The board will promote the Compucie9, the Appel editorial10, and the FotoCie and
organise one ’get to know the committee’ activity, to achieve a better continuity.
2.2.14. The board will ensure that the MasterCie organises an extra non-company related
social activity after the winter kick-in.
2.3. During the year, the board and the committees will organise at least four courses and seven
2.4. The board will make sure activities are recorded by means of pictures. The board will inform the
FotoCie about activities and their desired attendance at least two weeks in advance.
2.4.1. The pictures will be selected and edited by the FotoCie. All the pictures will be placed on
the website within 2 weeks after the activity. The best ones will be placed on the relevant
social media.
2.5. The board will organise activities to improve the contact between the association,
the students and the teaching staff.
2.6. The board will update the website.
2.6.1. The board will revisit some small design choices that have not been updated over the past
2.6.2. The board will keep the information on the site up to date.
2.7. To give insight on what the board is doing and to increase interest for a boardyear
amongst the members, the board will publish Instagram and/or Snapchat stories of
their function’s activities throughout the year.

3. External affairs

3.1. The board will optimise the use of the CRM11 for both the board and the committees.
3.1.1. The board will supervise the use of the CRM system by the IC-tour, Eurotour, CoLeXie and
the Symposium committee.
3.2. The board will organise a lunch lecture every regular lecture week, with the exception of the exam
3.3. The association booklet will be handed out to companies.
3.3.1. The board will keep the association booklet up-to-date.
3.4. The contact with Principia12 will be improved.
3.4.1. The board will assist Principia in organising the shadowing days.
3.4.2. The representatives of the PrincipiaCie and the board representative will join the
Principia meetings.
3.4.3. In collaboration with Principia, a case will be organised. The winning group will be awarded
the Principia award.
3.4.4. The board will get the Appel editorial in touch with alumni to arrange interviews
about their career paths to be published in “de Appel”.
3.4.5. In collaboration with Principia a green symposium will be organised.
3.5. The board will maintain good contact with the sister associations and promote knowledge transfer
by being present at the assembly of all the WEDT13 meetings and the constitution drinks.
3.6. The board will expand the number of companies with which the association has partnerships,
especially sustainable companies. The sustainability of a company will be assessed
according to an assessment plan that the board will set up.
3.6.1. The board will expand their relations on an international level. To achieve this the Commissioner
of External affairs will visit an international business fair.

4. Educational affairs

4.1. The board will closely monitor the quality of the education.
4.1.1. The board will clearly express, especially to new students, that students should tell them their
complaints concerning education. This will, among other times, be done during the Kick-In
and coffee dates. The board will promote students to send educational feedback to the Newton WhatsApp
to which the board will respond.
4.1.2. During coffee dates and other informal encounters with students, the board will keep an open
ear for the opinions about the study programme and document recurring complaints.
4.1.3. The board will have one meeting per quartile with a consultative group from every bachelor
year with the exception of minors and the bachelor assignment. The participants will be
awarded with a small lunch if these meetings take place on campus. The board will try to assemble a representative group of students with at least one
international student at every sounding board meeting. The board will send the participants a summary of the meeting to let them know that
their input is useful. The board will strive towards a complete physical education system, though closely
monitoring the developments of online education and help develop a hybrid educational
system, while this is necessary.

4.2. The board will inform new members about the option to buy books with a discount via Studystore
as well as the option to sell used books back to them.
4.3. The board will send an educational email to all members every quartile. This mail will contain
relevant information about the education.
4.4. The board will promote students to fill in the course evaluation surveys and communicate their
4.4.1. The board will make sure teachers will allocate time in their lectures for students to fill in
the surveys.
4.4.2. The summaries of the evaluations of the bachelor and master courses will be published in “De
Appel” in the educational mail, on the website, and on social media. When this is placed an
announcement will be made in the news section.
4.5. The board will award the best teacher, elected by the students, with the education award.
4.6. Study nights will be organised prior to the exams. At these nights, student assistants for
first-years’ courses will be present. Furthermore, student assistants for second and third
years’ courses will be enlisted, excluding minor courses.
4.7. The board will organise an evening every module for first- and second-years students to finish
their project.There will be an option for them to get dinner at a discount. The night
will be closed with some drinks.
4.8. The board will promote handing in exams. Within a week after handing in they will be uploaded
to the website. The first three people who hand in the exam will receive a reward.
4.9. The board will promote handing in summaries and give a reward to the people who hand one in.
The board will also organise the summary database.
4.10. The board will put effort into creating a voice within different levels of the university.
4.10.1. The board will carry out the view that right of say and active participation is very important
within the university. If there are FC15 or UC16 elections, the board will announce and
promote this and stimulate to vote.
4.11. The board will organise two lunches in collaboration with the faculty to provide students with
information about internships.
4.12. The board will improve the students’ knowledge about useful contacts within the university. For
example, where to go with module-related and/or psychological problems.

5. Sustainability

5.1. The board will create a checklist for sustainability improvements. The checklist will
be universal for all committees and includes tips on how to organise more sustainable
5.2. To draw attention to the sustainability of Newton, a green symposium will be
organised in collaboration with Principia. This event will be for all the members and
possibly also for external students. The specifications of this event will be announced
5.3. A green initiative or activity will be organised in order to help local sustainability.
5.4. The board will make sustainability an important criterion for setting up contracts
with companies and will strive to attract new ‘green’ companies where their sustainability
is assessed according to the assessment plan by Green Hub.
5.5. The board will cut down on the use of paper and ink.
5.5.1. There will only be posters above the coffee machine and no longer throughout
the Horst.
5.5.2. Members will be given the opportunity to receive a digital copy of De Appel via
email instead of a physical copy. This will be promoted.
5.6. The board will discuss the sustainability goals and initiatives from the university
and see how the association can collaborate with them in order to become more
5.7. The association will focus more on recycling. To facilitate recycling the board will
provide a recycling station in the Newton room. Currently there are recycling bins
in the Newton room, however they are not used properly as the rules of recycling
are not clear to everybody.
5.8. The board will look into a more sustainable replacement for the soda vending machine,
as the machine is not up to modern energy consumption standards.
5.9. Throughout the year the board will look into further sustainability improvements.
This will be done by communicating with other associations of the university and
during the WEDT-overleg about improvements. Furthermore, workgroups of the
university, such as SEE17 will be asked for advice.

6. VU

6.1. The board will support ’s Gravesande where needed to help establish their new study association.
6.2. Two board members, the VU Commissioners, will have at least one meeting every month with
the board of ‘s Gravesande.
6.3. The board will organise a kick-in for both UT and VU students.
6.4. With the help of the commissioner of committee finances and the treasurer, ‘s Gravesande will be
helped with setting up and maintaining their budget and financial system. At the end of the
year, the progress will be evaluated.
6.5. The commissioner of external affairs will guide the commissioner of external affairs of ‘s Gravesande
to finding their own partners, generating their own income and to prevent both parties from
interfering with each other’s partners.
6.6. ‘s Gravesande will be supported to set up plans for multiple years to become a more
independent association.

7. Corona

7.1. The board will make an effort for offline social activities as soon as the Corona regulations
liberalise. The main goal is offline social drinks.
7.2. The board will support committees to organise online activities and the board will organise
activities online when physical are not possible.
7.3. When the Newton room is not allowed to be open, the board will put in maximum effort to make
sure that the members can still get coffee and ask questions.
7.4. When a change of the Corona regulations occurs, the board will inform their members with the
consequences as soon as the regulations of the university have been made clear.

8. Communication

8.1. The board will promote Newton via social media.
8.1.1. The board will send a weekly message in the WhatsApp information group with upcoming
activities for the week. The board will make sure all members have access to WhatsApp information
8.1.2. The board will make sure the LinkedIn page will stay up-to-date.
8.1.3. The board will share pictures of activities on social media.
8.1.4. The board will adapt to the algorithms of the social media platforms to increase publicity.
8.1.5. The board will use the Instagram and Facebook feed for more qualitative posts like promotion,
activity photos and educational content, whereas the stories will be used for more informal
8.1.6. The board will add a themed social media post every week such as “throwback
thursday” or “did you know?”.
8.2. The board will promote the use of the Google activity calendar and keep it up to date.
8.3. The board will inform the members about the upcoming activities.
8.3.1. The board will promote activities by means of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.
8.3.2. The activities will be presented on the screens throughout the Horst.
8.3.3. The upcoming activities will be printed at the top of the daily puzzles.
8.3.4. Every month, with the exception of the summer holidays, an association email will be sent
to all members. This email contains an overview of the upcoming activities and can also be
used for announcements of committees and other important matters.
8.3.5. The board will make sure committees promote their activities well in advance.
8.3.6. For important activities, the board or organising committee will do promotion at the start of
lectures. This will be done especially at lectures of the first-years student and the current
first- and second-years, to gain their involvement.
8.3.7. The board will make sure there are posters with upcoming activities in the Newton room.