Policy of the 62nd board of W.S.G. Isaac Newton


I. Expansion of the association

Due to the increasing amount of first year students, the association should expand in terms of facilities provided to students. This implies that new study locations will have to be provided, larger attendance at activities will have to be taken into account and the financial means will have to be sufficient. Despite the expansion, the board will aim to maintain the ambiance of Newton. Starting next academic year, a new mechanical engineering programme will commence in Amsterdam. The board will support the students of this programme in collaboration with study association Mens.

II. Improve the use of social media to promote the association and its activities

Social media is becoming increasingly popular and can provide an easy way to reach a lot of students. That is why the board will increase the use of popular social media platforms and improve the quality of the content that will be posted. Additionally, members will be made more aware of the existence of the platforms used and will be incentivised to follow the association on these platforms. The content that will be displayed on the platforms will mainly contain information about activities and the association itself. To simplify the use of social media accounts and to be more accessible to general members through WhatsApp, a mobile phone will be purchased. At least one board member will be present at every activity, who will be able to post something about this event.

III. Improve transfer of knowledge in committees

The transfer of experience and knowledge between a newly formed committee and their predecessors is often lacking. The performance of a committee can be amplified by sharing the experiences from the former committee. Therefore, when a committee is being evaluated, the committee script will be updated. In addition, the former committee will be invited for lunch to discuss their experiences and understanding after a successive committee is formed. As this committee will recognise possible obstacles better, they will not make the same mistakes as their predecessors. In addition, the new committee will be stimulated to approach the old committee members for questions. This way, the newly formed committee will be able to operate on a higher level and accomplish more. Furthermore, a general treasurer meeting will be organised monthly, to stimulate treasurers from different committees to help and learn from each other.

IV. Organise a big activity

The board will organise a big activity. The intention of this activity is to unite the association, by involving as many members as possible. If possible, the activity will be open to members of different associations and other groups. The board will specify the interpretation of activity later.

Policy points

1. General affairs

1.1. The board will maintain the available facilities of the study association and replace them when
1.2. The board will promote coffee production.
   1.2.1. The board will, in collaboration with the CompuCie, pursue and implement the initiative to set up a coffee-making ranking system to stimulate members to make coffee.
   1.2.2. The board will look into providing better coffee machines to minimise the amount of labor of making coffee.
1.3. The board will arrange at least five sets of Newton merchandise.
1.4. The board will provide apples once every week, as an addition to the current refreshments.
1.5. The board will maintain and improve the Newton app.
1.6. The board will keep the Newton room open during lecture days, exam days and when possible outside of these periods.
1.7. The board will look into a new accounting system to increase the efficiency and lower the error margin of the current system.
1.8. During Newton events as many board members as possible, and at least one, will be present. If the event is organised in collaboration with another association, the board will encourage the other board to be present with at least one board member as well.
1.9. The board will organise a Newton cantus, Newton gala, Newton Christmas dinner and a big activity.

2. Internal affairs

2.1. The board will involve as many association members as possible, and give them a chance to develop their personal skills.
   2.1.1. During the third and the first quartile the board will arrange coffee dates with the first year students, to give them some insight in what W.S.G. Isaac Newton has to offer them. During these meetings the board will assess whether there are questions or complaints regarding education.
   2.1.2. In the first month of the first quartile, two activities will be organised in order to improve the involvement of the first year students. These activities will be organised by the AXI and the first-year-AXI.

   2.1.3. The board will promote the involvement of international students within the association. This will be done by creating a panel consisting of international students from different years. The opinions of these students will be used to improve the involvement of international students within the association.

   2.1.4. During the first quartile of the academic year, a lunch lecture will be organised for the pre-master students to give them insight in what Newton has to offer them. During this lecture, questions, suggestions and complaints can be assessed by the board.
   2.1.5. The board will set up a committee for students in the UT/VU programme. This committee will organise activities focused on students in this programme.
2.2. The board will support the committees.
   2.2.1. The board will appoint one representative of the board to each committee.
   2.2.2. After the Symposium, IC-tour and Eurotour committees are set up, they have to hand in a founded function division to the board. Based on this division, a suitable division will be made in collaboration with the board.

   2.2.3. The chairman, treasurer and if necessary the commissioner of external affairs of a committee will be trained by the board. The treasurer will be trained by the commissioner committee finances, the other two will be trained by the board member with the corresponding
   2.2.4. The board will organise a general treasurer meeting every month, so that their budgets can be updated and evaluated. The commissioner of committee finances will regularly check the committee treasurers’ work.
   2.2.5. When a committee is finished, the board will check the budget of the committee and will pass on any remarks to the treasurer of the committee.
   2.2.6. For newly formed committees the board will arrange a meeting with former committee members soon after the committee is set up. This meeting is meant for questions the new committee members might have for the previous committee members, as well as tips and tricks former committee members want to share with the new committee.
   2.2.7. To show their gratitude to a finished committee, the board will personally thank that committee when it has ended, by handing the members of the committee a handwritten thank-you card and giving a thank-you lunch. Continuous committees will be thanked
sometime during the year.
   2.2.8. A committee interest market will be organised twice per year.
   2.2.9. The board will assist the first year construction committee(s) in finding a suitable project, so that they will be motivated until the realisation of the final product. A board member will also be present at least one construction moment of the first year construction committee(s).
   2.2.10. Committees will be assessed by another board member than the assigned representative. Finished committees will be assessed after their term. Continuous committees will be assessed sometime during the year.
   2.2.11. The committees will be run through their scripts by the assigned board representative. This is done to prevent recurring mistakes being made Scripts will be updated during and according to the assessment of the committees. The board will facilitate access to the relevant scripts for the committees, by putting them on the FTP.
   2.2.12. The board will assist the AmbiCie in involving more master students with the association. During the summer and winter master Kick-In, the board will provide the participants with a programme to introduce them to the association, in consultation with the AmbiCie.

2.3. During the year, the board and the committees will organise at least eight excursions and six courses.
2.4. The board will inform the members about the upcoming activities.
   2.4.1. The activities will be presented on the 4k-screen in the Newton room and on the screen above the elevators in the Horst.
   2.4.2. The upcoming activities will be printed at the bottom of the daily puzzles.
   2.4.3. Every month, with the exception of the summer holidays, an association email will be sent to all members. This email contains an overview of the upcoming activities and can also be used for announcements of committees and other important matters.
   2.4.4. The board will promote the use of the Google activity calendar, and keep it up to date.
   2.4.5. The board will increase the use of social media to promote activities. The board will purchase a Newton mobile phone. This phone will be used as a general access point for social media. This phone number will also be available for members to contact the board. An informative WhatsApp group will be made. Only the board will be able to send messages in this chat. The board will make sure that the group does not become a spam group but will only provide relevant information, such as new activities, deadlines for admissions to activities, drinks in Diepzat, merchandise etc. The board will promote activities by means of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. The board will use the Newton app to send push notifications in order to promote activities. The users of the Newton app will be able to indicate which types of activities they would like to get notifications for.

2.5. The board will make sure activities are recorded by means of pictures. It is the board’s job to inform the photo committee about activities and their desired attendance.
   2.5.1. The pictures will be selected and edited. All the pictures will be placed on the website, and the best ones will be placed on Facebook.

3. External affairs

3.1. The board will optimise the use of the CRM system for both the board and the committees.

   3.1.1. The board will supervise the use of the CRM system by the IC-tour, Eurotour, CoLeXie and the Symposium committee.

3.2. The board will organise a lunch lecture every regular lecture week, with the exception of the exam weeks.
3.3. The association booklet will be handed out to companies.
3.4. The contact with Principia will be maintained.
   3.4.1. The board will assist Principia in organising the shadowing days.
   3.4.2. The board will join the meetings of Principia.
   3.4.3. In collaboration with Principia, a case will be organised. The winning group will be awarded the Principia award.
3.5. The board will maintain good contact with the sister associations and promote knowledge transfer by being present at the WEDT assembly and the constitution drinks.
3.6. The board will expand the number of companies the association partners with, in order to give the students a broader picture of their possibilities for internships, graduation places and work after the study. This will also improve the revenue from sponsors, which compensates
for the higher costs related to the increase in the number of association members.
3.7. The board will actively use LinkedIn to share study related activities.

4. Educational affairs

4.1. The board will closely monitor the quality of the education.
4.2. The board will inform new members about the option to buy books with a discount via study store.
4.3. The board will look into creating a Newton marketplace for books. Students will be able to sell or buy second hand books from each other. This feature will be added to the Newton app if possible.
4.4. The board will clearly express, especially to new students, that students should tell them their complaints concerning education. This will, among other times, be done during the Kick-In and coffee dates.

4.5. The board will send an educational email to all the members every quartile. This mail will contain relevant information about the education.
4.6. The summaries of the evaluations of the bachelor and master of Mechanical Engineering as well as Sustainable Energy Technology will be published in “De Appel”.
4.7. The board will award the best teacher, elected by the students, with the education award.
4.8. During coffee dates and other informal encounters with students, the board will survey and document the opinions about the study programme.
4.9. The board will have one meeting per quartile with a consultative group from every bachelor year. These meetings are meant to keep the board up to date with developments in the education.
   4.9.1. The board will aim to have at least one international student in every consultative group of the international bachelor years.
4.10. The board will set up a consultative group for the UT/VU mechanical engineering programme.
4.11. Course-specific study nights will be organised. At these nights, student assistants will be present.
4.12. The board will organise an evening every module for first years students to finish their project. First years students can get dinner at the beginning of these evenings.
4.13. The board will upload exams and summaries on the site within a week. The first three people who hand in the exam will receive a reward. The board will motivate students to hand in exams and summaries of their minors.
4.14. The board will put effort into creating a voice within different levels of the university. This is in order to provide input from Newton members in the university’s policy.
   4.14.1. The board will carry out the view that right of say and active participation is very important within the university. If there are FC or UC elections, the board will announce this and stimulate to vote.
   4.14.2. The board will promote how and when members can apply as a candidate for participation councils.
4.15. The board will promote students to fill in the education surveys.
4.16. Important subjects from the education email will be uploaded on the site.
4.17. The board will continue the Newton participation council
   4.17.1. The council will provide a better collaboration between the FC, UC and OLC
   4.17.2. Members of the FC, UC and OLC will be members of the council.
   4.17.3. The commissioner of educational affairs will lead the council.
   4.17.4. Every module there will be a meeting with the FC, UC and the OLC to discuss important subjects.
4.18. The board will organise a lunch in collaboration with the faculty to provide students with information about internships.