Eurotour Committee 2022

Jacob Cornelis Alblas Commissioner of External Affairs
Ece Coksayar Secretary
Koenraad Dols Treasurer
Ali Eltair Travel Coördinator
Roan Spits Chairman
Kay Levi Stapel Commissioner of External Affairs
Veralin Staring Travel Coördinator

The Eurotour is from origin a studytour which lasts for about two weeks. The tour, as which the name tells you, takes place in one or more countries in Europe. Some examples of the past trips are, Germany, Italy and Austria. Before that edition Sweden and Denmark were the countries visited. The tour is organised around a certain theme and within this theme excursions and the research will take place.

The goal of the committee is to learn how to plan and work together on a big project. During the preparations a lot of contact with companies takes place, this makes the soft skill of how to communicate with companies a important one as well.