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Brink Group


Automotive; development and production of towbars


Key data
Brink Group is one of the largest companies in Europe in the field of development, production and sale of towbars. The headquarter is based in Staphorst. But Brink Group also has production and sales establishments in France, UK, Denmark, Italy, Poland and South Africa. Brink Group employs 600 people. 400 of them work in Holland.

About Brink Group

Brink Group develops innovative, easy to use and safe towbar solutions for a wide range of vehicles. Our flange ball, fixed, detachable and retractable towbars are well known for their easy and quick way of fitting. We combine this with an unmatched service to our customers. All this is summarized in our motto: Your perfect fit. With over 2000 different towbars and almost as many wiring kits Brink Group offers towbar solutions for almost every van and car. In the meantime over 25 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with a Brink towbar and wiring kit.

We produce our products in close cooperation with the biggest car manufacturers like Toyota, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Peugeot, Citroen and Volvo. This is done under a private label in the OE-channel (Original Equipment) and also under the brand Brink in the aftermarket. Every towbar is developed and tested in our advanced Test Center in the Netherlands to meet the international guidelines. We even aggravated these standards with our own requirements.     


In the field of towbars we already proved ourselves with the development of exciting products and patents. The newest premium product is the Brink MXe, a compact, lightweight and strong electric retractable towbar. The built-in safety systems of the MXe comply with the highest legal safety standards. They guarantee a safe use.  

Under a private label we already supply this system towards the OE-channel. Jaguar Landrover is one of our MXe customers for example.


Work at Brink Group

The driving forces behind our innovative products and patented safety systems are our Research & Innovation engineers. At the headquarter in Staphorst over 50 engineers with a bachelor or university degree are employed. Every year we have place for at least 10 engineers, who are looking for internships or graduation assignments. They are very welcome at our departments Research & Development, Manufacturing Engineering and Logistics.


Department Research & Development

At the department Research & Development engineers are busy developing towbars for the latest car models launched in the afermarket. Also the creation of innovations and applying the newest technologies in our towbar solutions takes place here. These engineers work closely together with our OE-customers in case of OE-developments. Frequently they consult the technical departments of the car manufacturers. Also their test departments are included in developments.

As well for the aftermarket as the OE-channel all technical specifications are recorded in 2D or 2D CAD data. Analyses in the field of durability and strength are executed by means of FEA and release tests in laboratories and on test banks in the Test Center in Staphorst. All towbar developments are exposed to the most extreme circumstances here. Think about static, dynamic and impact tests to measure strengths. Also corrosion and climate tests with temperatures of -40 and + 85 degrees take place in Staphorst. Besides that we have an in-house workplace where prototypes are produced and being fitted to the newest cars. By developing, testing and fitting our products in-house we get direct feedback to results. This makes immediate improvements possible and enables us to launch new towbars within six to eight weeks.        

Department Manufacturing Fabrication Engineering (MFE)
To prepare our company to the future and to keep offering the best service to car manufacturers and the fast changing aftermarket, we continuously invest in our organization.  For that reason Lean manufacturing is leading for our production process. Now and in the future manufacturing engineers keep working on a flowing chain in the production process.  Focus is to shorten standstill times and to be able to produce in small amounts if needed.

Besides that MFE contributes to development projects by evaluating the feasibility of designs and modify where needed. All this in close harmony with our international suppliers.


Challenging jobs

Brink Group is a dynamic organization which is constantly in motion and always looking for potential engineers. Brink Group offers them a job with: passion & experiences, own initiative & choices and high-tech products & processes in an international work surrounding that brings you in contact with suppliers and automotive customers across Europe.

Within Brink Group we know the following functions:

  • Product Development Engineer
  • Mechanical Product Engineer
  • Test & Verification Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Logistic Engineer
  • Various supervisor roles in our Production and Warehouse surrounding


At our website you can find an overview with our current vacancies.