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7554 PA Hengelo

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HP Valves

About HP Valves

HP Valves, located in Hengelo is a modern and renowned producer of high pressure sealants and accessories, used around the globe in power plants.

HP Valves has grown to become an important supplier for clients and OEM’s around the globe, such as Siemens, NEM Energy, Mistubishi-Hitachi Power Systems and GE Power. Due to the outstanding reputation that HP Valves has maintained, HP Valves is a key leader in the global market.

In Hengelo, 125 employees are working on the design, production and sales of appendages. HP Valves is known for its informal, pragmatic and result based culture. The employees are involved in every step, are professional and are given the opportunity to work on own initiatives and self development.

While the main office of HP Valves is situated in the Netherlands, another subsidiary is located in Seoul, South-Korea. This facility, with over 70 employees, designs and produces complimentary products.

While working at HP Valves you will receive the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills you gained while studying on a daily basis. At HP Valves, we strongly believe in trusting employees and providing freedom in their position. This doesn’t mean that an employee is solely responsible for results, on the contrary. Within HP Valves an open and direct communication is maintained and a good, positive work environment based on solidarity and collegiality is realised.

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