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Thomassen Energy, Innovation and Service for a World with Clean Power

We are the leading high-technology aftermarket service provider for multi-OEM platform gas turbine plants worldwide. We are a leading supplier of technologically advanced aftermarket gas turbine components, performance upgrades, in-house component repair and outage services for existing GE Frame 3, 5, 6B, 7E, 7F, 9F platforms. We offer flexible and comprehensive Service Agreements (FSA’s), ranging from parts supply and reconditioning to full scope agreements including remote monitoring and diagnostics and inventory management.

Thomassen Energy is a proven alternative with parts and upgrades successfully operating for more than 10 million operating hours in over 10 GW of installed gas turbines. Our mission is to support customers in their needs by providing flexible and reliable gas turbine products and services to improve the total life cycle costs and to reduce carbon footprint.


Our Vision

Our vision is to supply cost effective advanced retrofit solutions for a Clean Energy World. Thomassen Energy is leading a consortium targeting the demonstration of gas turbine retrofit technology for hydrogen. This technology will allow flex operation from 0-100% hydrogen in machines sized from 1MW to 300MW.

The significant growth of renewables (solar and wind) in markets such as Europe have highlighted the tremendous opportunity and need for balancing with fast/flexible/clean electrical generation. Gas turbines offer the ideal solution for grid balancing, and many gas turbines in Europe are restarting to take advantage of the opportunity. By harvesting the excess electricity in peak renewable generation periods through the production of hydrogen, and then releasing this fuel into gas turbines when renewable generation swings to under supply, existing gas turbines can be effectively retrofit to become super batteries. Balancing the electrical grid with carbon free hydrogen fuel is becoming a primary focus for economic stimulus in Europe. Thomassen Energy is actively involved leading this technology evolution with our retrofits for renewables.

Are you ready to power up your career?

Working at Thomassen Energy means working in a positive working atmosphere with good working conditions. We offer a sustainable career with an eye for your personal development, and in which growth is possible within the various disciplines of the organization. We coordinate the needs of the organization and the wishes of the employee as much as possible. Internal and external training can be part of this and every employee has an annual training budget for this.

Thomassen Energy has a collegial working atmosphere where colleagues help and challenge each other. Together we work on the organizational goals and where necessary, we are flexible in our efforts to satisfy our customer.

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Thomassen Energy is ready for the future and playing a significant role within the energy transition, partnering up with business partners fully dedicated to deliver High Hydrogen Gas Turbine Retrofits within the very near future. Would you like to be part of this transition?