VDL-ETG Almelo 1

Project title: Creating optimum adhesive surface structure of magnets

Discipline: Mechanical Engineering

Location: VDL ETG in Almelo


VDL is a conglomerate of more than 100 technology companies, ranging from parts manufacturing to the development and production of cars, busses and high-tech systems. VDL Enabling Technologies Group (ETG) develops and manufactures high-tech systems, mostly for the medical, LED, and Semiconductor markets. VDL ETG has factories in Almelo, Eindhoven, Singapore, Switzerland and China with development offices in the Netherlands, US and Singapore.

Scope of the project

In VDL ETG, numerous magnets are bonded together or affixed onto a baseplate, primarily for use in linear drives. The bond between the baseplate and magnets is becoming increasingly crucial due to stronger magnets and a reduced adhesive surface. As part of this assignment, literature research on enhancements for both the adhesive itself and the surfaces that require bonding is performed. Potential improvements include laser texturing of the surfaces, and we have also identified an alternative adhesive for consideration.

Personal experiences

Reflecting on my internship, it was a valuable period of learning, and the company culture was welcoming. People were supportive, offering assistance when needed, yet allowing me the space to independently navigate and learn.

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