During your master you need to do an internship and write a master thesis. This is possible both in the Netherlands and abroad. In order to give an insight into your quest to find a suitable internship or master thesis, Isaac Newton organizes a lunch lecture for both these issues. 


The Mechanical Engineering program has a site where you can find everything there is to know about internships. Also, you are able to find an archive with all the internships of the past 13 years. This gives you a nice overview of the possibilities when choosing an internship. Furthermore, vacancies of internships are presented on this site. Remember to start in time when searching for an internship, especially if you want to do this outside of Europe. You can find a list of the past lectures about finding the right internship for you:

Graduation thesis

A master thesis, and the required research which comes along with a thesis, can be done both at the university and externally. During the “graduation” lecture in 2010, three students shared their experience of doing a master thesis. Anton Verbeek did his thesis at the TE department at the university, Albertjan with the Applied Mechanics chair and Bas at the Biomedical Engineering department. You can find their sheets in the links bellow. 

Sheets Albertjan ten Voorde
Sheets Anton Verbeek
Sheets Bas Behrens