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TripCie 2024 - Výletcie
Date and time
14 Nov 2024 12:00 - 17 Nov 2024 12:00

Prague Trip

Newtonians, do you want to go on a little vacation to Czechia? Then the Výletcie has you covered! This year the Výletcie organises a trip to Prague. We will have fun activities like visiting the Skoda factory and exploring the Prague nightlife. We will leave from Enschede at Thursday morning and  come back on Sunday evening.  The trip will cost €280 at maximum. With this money, we arrange and pay for the train ride, hostel in the city centre, breakfast and activities. If any of the budget is left after the trip you will be instituted.  So be sure to gather all your friends and sign up for this weekend full of fun!


The money for the trip is not immediately deducted from your account. You can cancel until 1 October.


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