Students W.S.G. Isaac Newton

Welcome to the student section of W.S.G. Isaac Newton. Next to studying and broadening your career perspective, we also want you to feel at home at Newton and at the University in general. We do this by trying to make the Newton room a safe space for all students and by involving as many people as possible in activities.

International students

One of our goals is to involve more international students in Newton, as we notice there are few international active members. To reach this goal, we make sure all the information in and around the Newton room is in English and by organizing activities, especially for internationals. We have the Integration committee that organizes activities like Old Dutch games, pooling, pubquizzes and more. Click here to read more info for international students. 

Mental health

Next to that, we want to be a place that people with mental health issues can come to. We might be able to help you ourselves, or we can find the right help for you. This can include stress, burnout, depression, fear of failure, and much more. Click here to read more about mental health. 

Upcoming students

Finally, we want to give upcoming students the information they need, but which can be confusing at times. We notice a lot of questions about buying books, timetables, Osiris and much more. For international students, we also notice questions about getting the right health insurance, a Dutch bank account and much more. Click here to read more about being an upcoming international student. 

For any questions you can reach out to our commissioner of internal affairs, Twan Hendriksen by sending an email to

Twan Hendriksen

Commissioner of internal affairs

053 489 2531