The Association

The Isaac Newton Society of Mechanical Engineering (W.S.G.) is the student association for the Mechanical Engineering educational programme at the University of Twente. The association is located at the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the Horsttoren.

The Isaac Newton Society maintains contact with various consultative bodies and student associations within its faculty and the University. It also initiates the establishment of new consultative bodies. In this capacity, the Isaac Newton Association has taken the initiative of organizing the annual Bedrijven Dagen (BD), which has become a university-wide event with its own management board. The Isaac Newton Society is also the initiator of the Green Team Twente. Further, the Society has put a great deal of energy into setting up the Student Consultative Association where student associations meet to discuss issues and plan activities. They also help to create and maintain good relationships and communication with other Dutch Mechanical Engineering study associations from Eindhoven and Delft.

The Activities

The Isaac Newton Society of Mechanical Engineers has approximately 150 active members, divided into 25 different committees. The committees are responsible for various tasks, ranging from maintaining the association’s bus to organizing an intercontinental study tour. The Society’s activities can be divided into a number of categories, which are as follows:

Study Related Activities

Various excursions, lectures, courses, and training activities are organized each year. While participating in these activities, members are able to get ideas regarding the labour market they will find themselves in after their studies. In this way, they can begin to plan for their futures. It is also a place to see theory put into practice. An important annual event is the symposium that attracts some 250 visitors. Students can attend various lectures and cases which are organized according to theme. This is a day where students can come into contact with different companies that could be interesting for mechanical engineers either as internships, or as permanent employment possibilities when they are finished with their studies. For those who are more interested in practical activities related to mechanical engineering, there is the opportunity to develop and produce a tool in one of the construction committees. That’s how Newton came to own a hovercraft, a fine example of technology that attracts a lot of attention every year. The enthusiasm surrounding this floating device also led tot he building of a hydraulically powered buggy, and the complete renovation of the Jaknikker behind the faculty building.

Study Tours

Every year the Isaac Newton Society organizes a number of study tours for its members. The BeNeLux tour is one of these yearly tours which allow 18 people to visit multiple companies that have been selected on the basis of a common theme. The tour lasts a week. In addition to the BeNeLux tour, the Newton Society also organizes European and intercontinental tours (one year a European tour, the next an intercontinental tour). The European tour is similar tot he BeNeLux tour, but it lasts approximately 12 days. The Intercontinental tour is the largest one they organize. It has a more profound nature than the BeNeLux and European tours. Before the tour takes place, the students perform research regarding certain sectors in the country being visited. The research centers around the theme of the tour. Then, during the +/- three week trip to these countries, the research theories are tested against the reality during the company visits. Some of the recent tours have been to the U.S.A., China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Brazil. A pre- and post-tour report is published for every Intercontinental study tour. The research and actual results are discussed in this report.

Social Activities

Isaac Newton organizes many social activities on a regular basis. The members enjoy each others’ company during these events. Some of these activities include drinks, parties, a gala, and a parents’ day. Further, members often meet in smaller groups to take part in activities such as paintball outings, bowling, go-carting, etc. The Isaac Newton Society of Engineering helps students adjust and find their way in their new surroundings at the university during the faculty introduction week, which they also organize. At the annual first-year students’ weekend, new students get to know each other and the Society.