Marcel Vliem Technical Service
Nathan Emanuel Djojomoenawie Chairman
Niels Zandberg Treasurer
Wouter Boerwinkel Technical Service
Koen Willem Alouisius Geurtsen Technical Service
Niek Monchen Technical Service
Ruben Te Wierik Technical Service
Lars de Haan Technical Service
Nikolaj Even Technical Service
Matthijs Knol Technical Service
Hidde Jan Jacob Veldman Technical Service

The computercommittee is the backbone of the association. They maintain all the computers, and help introducing new digital projects, such as the Newton-API. The CompuCie has three major tasks: firstly the building, installment and maintenance on the workstations. Secondly, they do all the service and upkeep on the (web)server. Additionally, the CompuCie is known for their "beun"projects which add new features to the Newtonroom and website. Projects such as the 3D-printer, the photo archive, the Newton store and the beer meter. Lastly, the CompuCie keeps the Newton site up and running. In short, a very important committee!!!