Committee Shared Folder

The Committee shared folder can be accessed in windows explorer using the following address:


Alternatively, we also host a Drive and several other services that are reachable with the same credentials as the committee shares. It is also possible to change your password there.

For Linux and Mac users, you will need to add smb: in front of the address. Accessing the share can only be done from the UT network (e.g. vpn and eduroam). Click here for a guide on how to setup the Utwente VPN. When you get a prompt for your password click on more choices and login with you s-number (without and your password (same as on the workstation PC's in the Newton Chambre). But watchout, the computer that you use automatically saves your credentials. You can remove your credentials in the windows credential manager. But they are only completely removed after a reboot.

Please note that committee folder are also available on the workstations in the Newton room without the steps mentioned before. Navigate to "This PC" and select the shared folder "homes", this should give you the same access as the previous steps. Please make sure to save documents in the shared folders as limited personal diskspace is assigned and it improves committee work.

CompuCie manuals

File name File size
Committee_file_manual_v2.pdf 463.3 kB

UT manuals

Click here for the VPN manual

Click here for the eduroam manual