Anouck Wisselink Nazitter
Nicole Rabou Voorzitter
Ruben Quik Rolstoelman
Jelte de Vries Commissioner of selfies
Matthijs Knol 'Vo-zitter
Lars de Haan Vooruitzitter
Adam Flak Dagvoorzitter
Roan Spits Dwarszitter
Nagi Anezaki Dagvoorzitter
Franke van Zuilen Feutzitter
Dylan Feenstra Voorzitter
Babeth Schoenmaker Secretaris
Nynke Tjeerdema Voorzitter
Hidde Tamminga Voorzitter
Ilse Buiter Voorzitter
Twan Hendriksen Binnenzitter
Niels Winkelman Voorzitter
Nienke Wiering Opper-Voorzitter
Wouter Wevers Drone Operator

The Fotocie takes photos. A lot of photos. They literally never stop taking photos. You haven't noticed them before? That is because they are taking photos, therefore they are not often on them. However, they don't just take photos. They also edit and make them look presentable. We are very happy with our FotoCie!