Besides the core program of the bachelor ME consisting of 150 EC, each student is free to fill 30 EC worth of courses within his or her own distinctive possibilities. In modules 9 and 10 you are offered the opportunity to fill this space with minors. You can choose from (a mix of) the following options:

  1. High Tech Human Touch (HTHT) minors
  2. Crossing Borders, Educative minor, Board minor
  3. Minor elsewhere (NL or abroad) 
  4. In-depth minor (maximum of 1*15 EC)  
  5. Transfer minor

You are able to fill the 30 EC as you please. The HTHT minors consist of packages of 15 EC per quarter and it is always possible to do a package separately from the second package within the HTHT minor. So combining different 15 EC packages to form a 30 EC minor is possible. It is also possible to combine a package with a join-in or in-depth minor. As you can see, there are loads of possibilities to choose your minor.

If you would like more information regarding the first five options in the list above, just click on them. You can also find more information on the website of the UT or visit the Minor Fair. This site is just a brief summary of these topics. If you still have questions, please email onderwijs@isaacnewton.nl or ask the commissioner of educational affairs (Veerle) in the Newton room.


If you have concluded which minor you would like to do and this minor can be done on the UT, then you can register yourself on Osiris. If you want to find out how to register via Osiris, look here