Education at the University of Twente

All the different platforms of the University of Twente (UT) can sometimes be hard to navigate. We hope to give you a better overview on this page. Some of the links that are relevant for a Mechanical Engineering students at the UT are described below: 

Canvas - The virtual learning environment at the UT.

Osiris - The system where all the student and course information can be found.

International Office - Information regarding studying/internship abroad.

Integrand - Information regarding internships and graduation projects.

ME-bachelor - The main information page of the bachelor ME.

ME-master - The main information page of the master ME.

SET-master - The main information page of the master SET.

Education and exam rules - Find out which rights you have regarding exams.

Module evaluation

For every module the Evaluation Comité evaluates the modules and courses. The Evaluation Comité writes a report based on the results of the evaluation. On this page, you can find the link to the reports for both the Bachelor and Master of Mechanical Engineering.

You can read the evaluation of every module here!