Student Assistant Jobs

Do you want to support students by working as a student assistant for a specific subject? You can by clicking on this link to the vacancies canvas page and checking out the vacancies. It concerns vacancies for all BSc- and MSc programs of this faculty and also for education that is given by ET teachers to other UT study programs. The vacancies are published per quartile and in the title you can see which study program it concerns. You can indicate your interest by sending an email to the contact person of the vacancy.

All student assistants are required to follow one of the training sessions to support you in your tasks. Which of the training sessions you have to follow depends on the type of work that you are going to do.

For non-EU students: please note that you need a work permit as well as basic Dutch health insurance (other than AON) before you are allowed to start working! In case you have a scholarship: please check with your scholarship provider if you are allowed to work.