Education at W.S.G. Isaac Newton

Welcome to the education section of W.S.G. Isaac Newton. The goal of our association is to promote the interests of our students Mechanical Engineering of the University of Twente, in both informal and educational areas.

We therefore offer a variety of services to our members. Prior to the start of the quarter it is possible to purchase the books you need with a discount. This is for both the bachelor- and mastercourses.

We also provide numerous study-related activities such as project nights or informative lectures.

One board member is specifically responsible for improving the quality of the education, this is the Commissioner Educational Affairs, Veerle Schenkelaars. She is always open for questions or complaints.

You can find Veerle in the Newtonroom, by sending a whatsapp message to the Newtonphone (0623463530) or by sending an email to:


Veerle Schenkelaars
Commissioner of Educational affairs 
‚Äč053 - 489 2531