International students

For international students entering the Netherlands, there may be some difficulties adjusting to everything. This can include looking for a house, finding your way around campus, or getting involved in Newton.

Here are some links to help you on your way around the university: 

First of all, a handbook for international students, containing a lot of info. 
The general UT website regarding international students
If you want to learn Dutch

Becoming active at Newton

Information about becoming an active member can be found here. An active member is a member joining a committee at Newton. This can be any committee, from organizing simple activities to building a hovercraft, to organizing a trip around Europe. The main goals of these committees are to do something besides your study that gives you soft skills, to have fun besides your study and to get to know other students.

We also have a integration committee, they organise activities concentrated on international students to get to know each other better.