Boost your academics!

Focus on your necessary academic skills and knowledge to succeed in your studies and later career
with our workshops! Whether you're struggling with a particular subject or simply looking to
enhance your overall academic skills, we're here to help! Free of charge and no extra study load –
you bring your current course content and get feedback from us.
So, does your course require a literature review, a paper, or an extensive report? Could you use some
help getting started with your thesis or would you like feedback? Different workshops are available
every quartile and consist of 1 to 4 sessions of two lecture hours. The workshops will be hands on,
filled with practical tips, and lots of opportunities for feedback.
Check out the Canvas page ‘Boost your Academics’ to enroll and view the full list of workshops. If
If you have any questions, contact Linda Grafen:

Study support group ET

The Study Support Group is a group of at most 25 ET (BSc & MSc) students who will meet on a weekly basis. The objective of the group is to improve your self-study skills and to have a quiet place to work. There is a Monday group (max. 25) and a Tuesday group (max. 25). If you want to know more, open the pdf. 

Information study support group

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