Studying abroad

Picture this: You could be studying (following courses) at one of ET’s partner universities across the globe, all while remaining enrolled right here at the UT. Thousands of UT students have already gone ahead of you.
Whether it’s during the so-called Fall semester (UT’s first semester) or the Spring semester (second at UT), the choice is yours to make.   

Why Study Abroad you ask?
- Meet new people: Expand your network and make lifelong connections with students from around the world. Embrace diverse perspectives and cultures, and notice how your worldview grows.
- Experiencing different cultures: Immerse yourself in a new way of life, gaining invaluable intercultural skills and fostering understanding and tolerance. Every interaction becomes an opportunity for personal growth.
- Personal development: Enhance your communication skills, learn to collaborate in an international setting, and become more adaptable to new environments.

Study Abroad isn't just about academics—it's about transforming yourself.
Having this experience on your resume is a major plus in the eyes of employers, giving you a competitive edge over others.

For more information on Study Abroad, head over to the Canvas page "Study Abroad for ET students". There, you'll discover everything you need to know, including timelines, upcoming info sessions, how to contact the Exchange Team, details about ET’s partner universities, and how to apply.
All 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor students, as well as 1st year Master students, will be invited to the info session in October somewhere in September.