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Brief summary

PM is an independent family-run Dutch company with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing of precision linear bearings and frictionless slides. Demanding industries continuously push us to find innovative solutions to our linear bearing systems and crossed roller configuration technologies. This core competence has paved the way for PM to develop its position as an architect of positioning systems and integrated solutions. The combination of our manufacturing know how and mechatronic expertise together with customer application specific knowledge is the key in solving complex technological challenges.

 Key facts

The variety in competences – from bearings to mechatronic positioning systems – causes a rapid growth of the company. Due to this growth the organization can be profiled as very dynamic.  Currently, at our main facility in Dedemsvaart, PM employs around 150 people – and counting.  All these people have different specialties to suit the wide range of activities of PM.  Not only do we develop and design our bearings and positioning stages in-house, but we also do the manufacturing, assembling and testing ourselves.
                As wide-ranged as the activities of PM are, so are the markets its products are delivered to. The bearings and positioning systems developed and manufactured by PM find their way to various industries and applications. These include, but are not limited to: semiconductor, analytical, medical, optical, metrology, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum.


‘Long term vision’ and ‘innovation driven’ are character traits matching well with the vision of PM. We do not only want to make the bearings and the mechatronic positioning systems of today, but also those of tomorrow. To live up to this idea, significant effort is put in both our research and development and engineering departments. Do you share our passion for technology and do you feel you would like to contribute to PM’s product portfolio of tomorrow? Please feel free to check the possibilities by sending a mail to:


In short: 

Location: Dedemsvaart – The Netherlands
Employees: 200 ft  (year 2018)  Total Group 500 FT Employees

Family owned company

R&D, Design and Engineering: 15 employees
Sales office Netherlands: 12 employees

All-in house manufacturing – all critical parts are in house manufactured
Manufacturing: 16.000 m2
Certifications: ISO-9001-2008
Cleanroom: class 6 certificated
Main countries: NL, Germany, USA, Swiss, UK, France, Singapore, China, Korea

Target industries: optical industry, metrology, semiconductor industry, medical.

Core Business: Design and manufacturing of precise linear bearings and systems for use in high-tech applications.