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Date and time
Nov 22, 2022 07:45 - 22:00
Behind the Horst

Excursion Shell Pernis

If more than 30 people sign-up a selection will be held based on the study's progress.

Note: If you sign up we expect you to be there on time. If you can't be there due to unforeseen circumstances, make sure to let us know at the latest 22th November 23.59.

This month an excursion to Shell will take place! Shell is one of the biggest oil and gas companies of the world. We are going to the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam, where you can get a feel of how big the oil refining industry can be.
During the excursion, we will get 2 lectures about the company and one of their projects at Pernis, after which we will get a tour around the plant. Moreover, a lunch, drink and dinner is included!
We will gather behind the Horst at 7.45, depart with vans at 8.00 and we will be back around 22.00. A more detailed program is given below.
Sadly, we have a participant limit so if more than 30 people sign up, a selection will have to be made based the study’s progress.

If you have any questions regarding the excursion, please contact us via: excursie@isaacnewton.nl.


Tuesday 22nd November



8:00-10:30 Travel to Pernis by car

~10.30-12.00 uur

Reception with coffee/tea + cake


  • Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam (Project North Star, HEFA, HH1, CO2 pipeline)
  • Shell Graduate Program / application process

~12.30 uur



Plant tour


Lecture about a specific project at Pernis


Drink combined with dinner


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