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Lunch Lecture
66th board: "Ubi concordia, ibi victoria"
Date and time
Sep 27, 2023 12:45 - 13:30

DIES Lunch Lecture Howden

This week, Howden Thomassen Compressors will host a lunch lecture! 

With hydrogen playing an essential role in the transition to a renewable and emission-free energy infrastructure, Howden’s expertise in hydrogen compression solutions is vital in enabling the entire hydrogen value chain. Join this lunch lecture and discover the mechanical engineering challenges faced when designing and building the largest and highest-pressure hydrogen compressors in the world, originating from Howden’s engineering and production facility in the Netherlands.

Sign up for a free sandwich, a can of soda and to learn about career opportunities at Howden Thomassen Compressors!

For our Dies, we even decided to add something extra to the lunch; we added a little 'Newton flavour"!


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