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Jan 1, 2019, 10:45:00 AM
Jan 31, 2019, 10:45:00 AM

Excursion to nuclear fusion reactor Wendelstein 7-x

Nuclear fusion is a promising technology: if scientists and engineers succeed in building a nuclear fusion reactor that produces more energy than it costs, a lot of energy issues will be solved. There are still a few bumps on the road: how to create a stable plasma of about 100 million degrees? Superconductive magnets – developed at the UT – play a crucial role in the containment of these plasmas.

The Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics (IPP) in Greifswald houses the experimental Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor. In this so called ‘stellerator’-model a lot of new technology is tested. During this excursion we will visit the reactor and have a look at its details and construction. Professionals of IPP will guide us and explain this fascinating machine and the physics and mechanical engineering behind it.

In January 2019 we expect to settle a definitive date and price for this excursion. The excursion will take place in the period May/June 2019. Please check our website and Facebook page for the latest information. 

As the date is not yet known signing up does not yet bind you to be there, this event is just here to see how many paople are interested.


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