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Date and time
Apr 25, 2023 09:00 - 13:30
Behind the Horst

Excursion Voortman Steel Group

This month, an excursion to Voortman Steel Group will take place! VSG is a high-tech steel and CNC company with production on site.

During the excursion, we will get a presentation about the company, followed by a demo of some of their machines and a tour through the factory. We will gather at 8:30 behind the Horst (‘Veld Achterhorst’ on google maps) and depart at 8:40 at the latest, so be on time! We expect to be back at 13:30 for the afternoon lectures. If you have any questions regarding the excursion, please send a mail to: excursie@isaacnewton.nl.

Note: If you sign up we expect you to be there on time. If you can't be there due to unforeseen circumstances, let us know at the latest 23th of April 18:00.

Sign-up for this excursion closes on Thursday 20th of April at 10.00 AM!


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