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Lunch Lecture
67th board: "Parvus numero, magnus merito"
Date and time
Jun 19, 2024 12:30 - 13:45
Waaier 2

Lunch Lecture Airbus - Ultraefficient Aircraft: Securing the path to sustainability

This week's Lunch Lecture will be given by Daniel Reckzeh: Senior Manager & Aircraft Architect and Head of R&T Plateau Bremen at Airbus!

Ultraefficient Aircraft technologies for low drag, low weight and low specific fuel consumption are more important than ever to master the challenge towards more sustainable flight. Significant efficiency improvements are mandatory to limit the fuel consumption for next generation aircraft, either to drastically reduce the CO2-impact from still fossile kerosene based propulsion or to mitigate the drawback from the significant affordability challenge of novel zero emission fuels (SAF or H2). Besides this efficiency challenge also a the capability for more flexible flight trajectories is key, to mitigate non-CO2 impacts on global warming (such as contrails) and to drastically cut noise emissions. Nevertheless, full compliance in terms of certifiability, manageable manufacturing cost and full operational compatibility to the air transport system are crucial requirements to ensure economically viable future products.

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