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61st board 'Disciplina Vitae Scipio'
Date and time
Dec 18, 2018 19:00 - 22:00
Horst canteen

Murder Mystery Christmas dinner

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Enjoy a 4 course dinner with a twist... During this dinner somebody has been murdered and the killer is sitting at the table. Every course you get more information about the case is revealed. 

You can choose to actively participate meaning that you want to be one of the suspects. As a suspect you'll receive more and more information throughout the game which you can share or keep. By interacting with the other suspects you will get more and more about information about them. And then it is up to you to find the murderer. You'll will have to act out your character in front of the other participants.

If you don’t feel like being a suspect but would still like to observe the suspects and then try to solve the case that is possible too, then you can participate inactively.

If you don't feel like playing along with this game and just want to enjoy the dinner, that is also possible. You can also invite people to come along so you can enjoy this dinner with a group of friends. The first bottle of wine will be included, you can buy more at the dinner.


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