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Date and time
24 Jan 2023 16:25 - 24 Mar 2023 12:00

Newton Sweaters and/or Sweat Pants

As the final round of merchandise by the 65th board, you can get yourself a new edition of the Newton Sweater with a new exclusive design! To complete your "hangover-stay-at-home-outfit" you can also order the Newton Sweat Pants, the winning item of the merchandise contest. 

The costs of the sweater will be around 15 euros, the sweat pants will be around 35 euros. Payment will be done by card at the pick-up moment of the merchandise. If the merch is not picked-up after order, the amount will be invoiced.

Thanks to the SU-sustainability fund, the cost of the sweaters was able to be reduced to around 15 euros.




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