Changes in your rights

Changes in your rights

Every year the EER (Educational and Examination Regulations) gets updated at the end of the
academic year. This year there are some big chances that can have an impact on your studies and
that is why we will shortly explain them to you.

Smooth Transfer (zachte knip):
Due to Covid-19 it was a possibility to start your master when you did not finish your bachelor yet.
However the last chance to do this if you started your master in February 2023. This means that you
cannot make use of the Smooth Transfer per the new academic year in September 2023. To start
your Master, you now need the full 180 EC’s of your or all EC’s from your pre-master, even if you have
a lot of delay. If you have any other questions, you should discuss it with your study advisor, as
sometimes other things are possible.

Smooth transfer (zachte knip) | Master Computer Science (CS): for students and staff (

Bachelor Thesis Submission:
Up until September 2023 you could hand in your Bachelor Thesis at 5 moments; after every quartile
and at the end of the summer holidays. With the aim to ensure a smooth transition to the master’s
program, reduce workload and avoid delays, this is now changed to 3 moments; after the 2nd
quartile, the 4th quartile and the summer holidays. You can still start your thesis after every quartile
(4 moments), but you will receive your grade at the next available time. Below you can see what is
stated in the EER “Students are allowed to start the execution of their final bachelor assignment if
they have passed all study units of modules 1-7 and have to resit no more than one study unit from
module 8 and participated in the study units of module 11. Once started, the bachelor assignment
has to be finished within a time equivalent of 15EC (420 hours or 10 working weeks) and must be
presented in the next available bachelor conference, at the end of quartile 2, 4 or the end of August.”

I hope this has helped you, and if you have any questions about this, make sure to contact me,
Marije ter Horst, on or your study advisor, which you can see on Osiris.
Good luck with your studies!


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