Follow IC-tour on Polarsteps

Follow IC-tour on Polarsteps

As some of you may know the IC-tour has left the Netherlands a while ago. For those who do not know, the IC-tour is the intercontinental study tour of W.S.G. Isaac Newton. The study tour gives students the opportunity to get a bigger picture of the mechanical engineering sector all around the world. This edition has the final destination Singapore and Vietnam and will leave around the 9th of May 2022. In total 32 students will participate in the trip. 

During the trip, the participants have to perform research. The theme of this year is crisis management. The research will be done on three different levels, namely macro, meso and micro. During the macro research the difference between Singapore, Vietnam en the Netherlands will be researched, mainly focusing on the difference in working circumstances. For the meso and micro research, the participants can indicate in which one of the seven sectors they want to perform it. The main seven sectors are institutes, automotive, aerospace, steel, energy, agriculture, and chemicals. The meso part will touch upon the difference on a company level and the micro part on a specific product.

But the reseatch is not the only thing the tour is about, it is also about exploring different countries and having fun. To get a better insight of what they are doing everyday they keep a blog. You can follow it on to read some interesting stories and see some fun pictures.


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