Reopening Newton Room

We are very happy to announce Newton is allowed to open again and provide you with a nice cup of coffee during the breaks. However, in order to make sure all of this will still be possible the coming months, we all have to be very careful with the corona rules. If the 1.5 meter is not taken into account of if students stay to long after lecture hours, the Horst will have to close again for students. In the following two documents, Information for ET staff and Guidelines Horst building, all the measures can be found, they were originally written for the staff but are also relevant for students. Please take a look at those documents, the most important things are listed below:

Study Places
It is possible to book a project room or study place in the Horst or other buildings via Roombooker. Due to corona there is limited space, only two people are allowed in one project room.
The tables where you can take place are marked with a smiley sticker. 

Newton Room
We are finally open again, however, it is a little different then you are used to. You can only come to get some coffee or tea, or when you have a question for the board. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to stay in the room.
We will sit in front of the entrance with a coffee machine and ofcourse we will have puzzels aswell.

We hope all of you will take the measures seriously, otherwise more strict rules need to be made.
Thank you in advance!


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