The 67th Board has been installed

The 67th Board has been installed

On the 7th of February 2024, the 67th board, consisting of five members, has been installed. They only just about managed to overrule the convincing words of their opposing board, a fierce rival consisting of only Commissioners of Internal Affairs.

Candidate Period

Before the new board could reach this point, they still had a lot to learn. Luckily for them, a whole process was set out for them, to learn them all the ins and outs of our association. This was all done during their candidate period. During this period you might have seen the new board (at that point still candidate board) walking around the Horst, wearing their signature ties. In the candidate period the upcoming board spends a lot of time in the Newton room, sitting with the current board members, to make sure all knowledge is passed on.

Change GMA

But as everything comes to an end, this candidate period does as well. This all happens at the change GMA, a large gathering of all interested members. Here the yearly plan of the previous board is discussed, and the new board presents their plans for the upcoming years. After all of this was approved by the members present, the year of hard work for the 66th board finally came to a close. For the new board however, everything had just begun. They could finally switch their candidate ties for some fresh Newton attire, and properly call themselves 'the 67th board of W.S.G. Isaac Newton'


In great traditional fashion, the appointing of a new board has to be celebrated. This all happens at the constitutional drink in Diepzat, on the day after the GMA. On this day, Newton members, old board members, parents, teachers and a lot of other boards and students gathered together to continue this tradition. The new board received some great gifts from all the other study associations at the UT, which always comes combined with a long-winding story why the gift represents the connection between associations. But as quickly as Diepzat filled up, and after singing the Newton anthem many many times, it emptied itself again. Peace was restored in our basement, as if nothing ever happened.

What’s Next?

After this eventful week, the new board has now properly installed themselves in the Newton room. They will be working on their goals increasing inclusivity, member involvement and familiarity with the association, next to organising events and keeping the association running. If you manage to catch one in the wild (sitting behind the Newton desk), make sure to come have a chat!


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