The first outside drink

The first outside drink

It is well known that the Newton room, while not lacking in atmosphere, does lack in sunlight. This causes people who spend a lot of time in the room to not get their daily dose of vitamin D. They often try to compensate for this by having walks during the lunch break, but we all know that this just does not suffice. On a hard working day you usually can’t even find the time for a short strut on campus. What these people really need, is a cold weizen, a pair of Newton sunglasses, and a drink on the Achterhorst.

Excitement in the Newton room

On the 14th of March this moment finally came, and the classic DoMiBo was moved outside. The first of the year is often an event of great joy. The excitement for such a drink usually already starts in the morning, when the feeling of good weather starts to arise. You hear some debate in the Newton room, people arguing that it might be possible. As Dutch weather can fluctuate a lot, some are a bit more pessimistic though. Luckily on this fabled Thursday all the stars aligned, and the temperatures kept rising.

Can it or can it not?

For an outside drink in March or April, it is often a hard decision whether or not we take the drink outside. On one hand, we have the ‘kouwkleumen’, who come to uni in their biggest jacket, even in April. They will often be wearing a big sweater on the outside drink. On the other hand, we have the ‘korte broeken jongens’, the guys in high school who would wear short even in the coldest winters. They will be the first in line to move the drink to the Achterhorst. As borrelcie, you have to satisfy both these parties in deciding whether or not we move towards the sun. This decision can be based on many different factors: the temperature, the amount of clouds, the moisture levels or the uv-index. It is always a difficult decision to make

Bright times ahead

But as the months are passing by, brighter times are on the horizon. The temperatures are increasing every day, and the thought of shorts and summer dresses is getting closer and closer. Soon we can all dust off our sunglasses again, and reclaim all that vitamin D that we lost in the basement.


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