Things to do in quarantaine

Hello everyone,

After a month of quarantaine, and without exams to stress about and study for anymore, we might understand if you feel a bit bored and don’t know what to do. But don’t fear! We made a nice list for you with inspiration of things to do!

If you have any nice idea’s yourself, let us know!

Fun activities
1. Subscribe for events on the Newtonsite! Although we are not open anymore, we are still organising activities like origami courses, Newton moves, or game nights. Make sure to check the site to not miss them out!
2. Play skribblio with some friends, or just random people online on discord. It is some sort of Pictionary, but then online!
3. Join our Minecraft server, at
4. Make a puzzle from the Newton site
5. Make a jigsaw puzzle with your roomies
6. Play Colonists of Catan online
7. Read a book
8. Make a painting with numbers painting

1. Follow a course on goodhabitz
2. Learn a language on Duolingo
3. Do a workout at home
4. Learn to play an instrument using youtube tutorials


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