StAF Tournament

StAF Tournament

During spring you might have noticed some strange occurrences on the football fields of the campus. Students hurdled together on the sidelines drinking lukewarm cans of Klok, people in suits, a person yelling groggy things through a megaphone about the other team, or even the occasional DJ. This means that the yearly Study Association Football tournament has started again, or StAF for short.

Preparations start early when players are gathered and teams are formed. Within Newton we always join with two different teams. We have our A team, with the crème de la crème of Newton football talent, and we have a B team, who like playing a match just as much as they enjoy drinking a beer after, or maybe even during half-time. Both teams always manage to draw a lot of support towards the pitch, no matter the expected results of the match. While standing at the edge of the pitch you can’t help but notice that the tournament fits perfectly in the student culture of associations always competing with each other over who is the best. We as Newton try our hardest to participate in this friendly banter, by bringing every 100+ decibel producing item we have in the Newton room. All this noise even managed to attract the attention of UToday.

Even though we might have been the loudest, this would unfortunately not be enough for our B team. After fighting some tough matches they were not able to work their way out of the group phase. Luckily we would not have to be woeful for too long, as our A team managed to obliterated everyone in their group, securing them a spot in the quarter finals. Their avalanche of victory continued as they managed to beat the ICT ‘ers with 2-0. Unfortunately, as all good things come to an end, so did the reign of Newton 1. After being beaten by Dimensie in the semi-finals, a consolation for third place was all we could get, but the civil engineers of Concept proved too be just a bit better, beating us 1-0.

Despite of these losses, Newton has still shown to be among the best of football playing associations. Luckily we will get a chance at redemption next year, hopefully with as much enthusiasm as this edition.


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