Enjoy your holiday!

Enjoy your holiday!

Hey everyone!

It has been a hard year with all the online education, but it's finally (almost) finished! Maybe a few of you will still have some resits, or will still have to finish your thesis, but at least the end is nearby for all of us :). 

Despite all the online stuff, we as a board are very happy that we still managed to organise a few offline acitivities! We had some drinks, lasergaming, flunkyball with the first years, and tomorrow even the Eurotour will be leaving! 

We hope that after the holiday we can all welcome you again to the Newton room, to finally have a chat again, some coffee and some drinks in Diepzat! But until then, enjoy your holiday and stay safe!

See you soon!

64th board of W.S.G. Isaac Newton

Saevis tranquillus in undis


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