The Great Newton Bake-Off

The Great Newton Bake-Off

In the beginning of May, the Great Newton Bake-Off was hosted. Everyone could join and bake their own cake/ pie/ bread and share their creations with us by sending in videos or photos. 12 teams joined the first round and baked all kinds of things, including an apple pie, focaccia bread, triple-layered ice cream brownies, a quiche, and more... After a long and difficult discussion with the board, we had to decide who we would send to the finals. Our 5 finalists became: 

1. Noor and Alicia, with a pie with an apple tree on top of it! We really loved how your pie turned out and how you combined both Newton and your own house :)
2. Nicole, with a red velvet cake with a Newton logo on it! The pie also looked very delicious and we loved the effort put into taking the photos. 
3. Hugo and Britte, with an apple pie! Even though you hated a bit too much on my pie ;) yours looked very nice and also tasted very good! (They came by to let us taste it)
4. Pratik, with a triple-layered ice cream brownie! A triple-layered ice cream brownie sounds and looked sooo good and we really liked your movie as well!
5. Harold, with an orange chocolate cake! It is clear to see you have baked more often ;) and your pie looked really good!

In the finals, the 5 members had to bake another cake, but this time the board went by all the 5 houses, to taste the pies and take a better look at them.  The theme of the finals was 'apples' (surprisingly ;) ), and the contestants were quite creative with them. For every visit, a small video has been made and posted on our Instagram account, for you to check out. 

In the end, the winners were: Alicia and Noor! 
The second place went to Harold and the third to Hugo and Britte. 

On our Instagram account, we also let our followers choose their favorite. Hugo and Britte clearly won with 50 followers!
The second place goes to Noor and Alicia with 19 votes and the third place to Nicole with 18 votes!

All in all, the Bake-Off was a great success and we enjoyed it a lot! 
We do have to work out every day now to burn off all those extra calories, but it was definitely worth it! ;) 


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